Benefits of Pharmaceutical Industry

There is no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry has developed a lot over the years and it has today a great power. Furthermore, it has been and still is an easy target for critics. The reality is that there are plenty of drugs that are saving lives as well as helping people live healthier and happier lives. In the following, we will show you what the benefits of the pharmaceutical industry really are.

Excellent Health Outcomes

Today, this industry develops and produces all type of products that treat various diseases, and in many cases they even save lives. There are on the market a wide range of drugs that efficiently treat cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, and much more. People all over the world improve their health as well as their lives thanks to the pharmaceutical industry. This huge advantage is something that we all benefit from, and this is thanks to the innovative pharmaceutical products.

Economic Advantages

Lots of people all over the world are being employed in this industry. The economic climate has a great impact on this industry, and profitable companies result in more taxable revenue for various states. It is true that pharmaceutical companies make huge amounts of money, but on the other hand, they create products that save millions of lives every single year. Therefore, we can say that the benefits of drugs compensate the great profit that this industry has nowadays. After all, imagine how our lives would look if there wouldn’t be any drugs at all. The mortality rate would certainly be a lot higher, not to mention the fact that lots of individuals would suffer from various pains.


There are people who think that the cost of pharmaceutical products is a negative aspect of this industry, but this is not the truth. Statistics show that in 2006, the market share of generic drugs was somewhere between 42% and 58 %. This means that generic drugs are at the moment increasingly available to people, and this fact actually drives down costs. Today, most drugs are a lot cheaper and more accessible than they used to be in the past. In plus, in some countries such as China and India, global prices for pharmaceutical products are being driven down even more. It is true that the prices of these drugs differ from one country to another, but this is something that should not matter at all as long as you can improve your health condition and even save your life. After all, there are other industries that don’t offer something beneficial but harmful, and yet make lots of money as well.

The pharmaceutical industry is without a doubt a top one, and it makes increasingly more money, but its benefits are definitely priceless. We live in a world where accidents are inevitable and we are likely to contact all sort of diseases, but thanks to all the drugs that are available on the market we can highly improve our health and even save our lives. Therefore, the only thing we can say about this industry is that it is a beneficial one.

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