Best Pharma Companies in France

The pharmaceutical industry is without a doubt a massive one, and companies in this field make lots of money. France is one of those countries where are being produced new drugs quite often, and the sales are at a very high scale. If you need more information about the top businesses in this branch, then here are the best pharma companies in France.


This French independent multinational pharma company was built on high-standards science as well as manufacturing, with more than 60 years of proven success. Biocodecs was founded in 1953, and its first main area of interest was gastroenterology featuring an innovative probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii, which was actually the first probiotic of its kind that has had a 100% positive effect on the gut’s microflora. These days, the company has expanded its portfolio into several therapeutic areas such as rheumatology, pain management, neurology, and otolaryngology. In plus, Biocodecs has recently launched Stimium, a sports food supplement. The company’s mission is to offer good quality products and service to all its worldwide partners and ultimately patients. Its main goal is to develop and supply physicians and all the other health care providers, drugs that enhance health and quality of life.

CapEval Pharma

Even though CapEval Pharma was founded in 2010, it is today one of the best pharma companies in France. CapEval offers pharmaceutical consultancy services from early pre-clinical to development in various sectors such as Pharmacology, Safety, Ophtalmology, Toxicology, ADME/PK, and Analytical Development. Additionally, the company provides a professional assessment for due diligence, agrochemicals, veterinary drugs, and also staff training. The highly qualified pharmaceutical consultants from CapEval Pharma are fluent in not more and not less than three languages so that they can easily communicate and collaborate with new partners. The company is experienced in due diligence procedures, as well as in public subvention dossier & medical writing. This business is one of the most flourishing ones in France, and if you want to learn more about it then a visit on its official website will surely help you find the necessary information.

Chiesi Group

Another excellent pharma company in France that we would like to recommend you is the Chiesi Group. There is a production site in Blois, France, and another one in Santana de Parnaiba, Brazil. With a turnover of more than $2,000-million sales, it is among the top 50 best pharmaceutical companies in the world. Chiesi Group has more than 80 years of experience in this field and an extremely strong focus on research, development, as well as production & commercialisation of brand new and innovative drugs in Rare Disease, Neonatology, and Respiratory areas. The company exports to more than 80 countries, with a direct presence in 25, and its aim is to be recognized as a research international Group able to not only develop but to also commercialise at a larger scale innovative pharmaceutical solutions, in order to highly improve the quality of human life. Chiesi Group’s main goal is to combine as good as possible commitment to results with integrity and operate in a socially & environmentally responsible manner.

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