Medical & Pharma Events in Paris (escort related)

If you run a business in the medical or pharma sector, then you must make sure you go to any of the following events that will take place in Paris. Not only you will find out what’s new on the market, but you will also learn lots of interesting things that will help you improve your business and attract more clients. Therefore, check out the following medical & pharma events in Paris.

Contamin Expo and Contamin Expert

This annual event that is being organized in Paris will last three days, starting from 26th to 28th March 2019. The location is selected as Porte de Versailles. The trade show is regarded as one of the essential event on microbiological safety cabinets, health & wellness, laboratory water treatment, and much more. You should definitely not miss Contamin Expo and Contamin Expert event, especially if you work in the field.


Pharmagora Plus focuses on the overall development of the Pharmaceutical industry. This trade show supports by highly promoting all pharma products to be made as well as manufactured using industries. PharmagoraPlus showcases product from Ayurvedic & Herbal Industries, Scientific Instruments, Medical & Pharmaceutical, and Research & Development. If you are in the business and you want to stay up to date with everything that’s new and innovative on the market, then make sure you don’t miss out this event. Are you actually planning to travel alone? If so, then keep in mind that in Paris you can pay an Paris escort to be your company at any event you want. French escorts are beautiful, charming, smart, and friendly, and by hiring one you will surely have the time of your life in the city of lights.

International Congress & Expo / Flu Science & Infectious Diseases

The event will include oral talks, poster presentations, keynote presentations, and various exhibitions. In plus, this is the perfect opportunity to meet experts, exchange information and advice, and also strengthen the collaboration among researchers, directors, and scholars from academia as well as industry. There will be participants from more than 40 countries. The programme includes two days of interesting discussions on recent advancements and innovative strategies for the development of brand new materials for worldwide requirements. All in all, the International Congress & Expo / Flu Science & Infectious Diseases is something that must not be missed by anyone who works in the field.

Hospital Expo-Intermedica

This event will bring together in 2019 health players from various countries. It is without a doubt a show of expertise for the hospital field, latest technologies, innovative equipment, professional services, high-quality materials, and more. Hospital Expo-Intermedica is an excellent tool for teaching and supporting change.

Geront Handicap Expo

This expo is a great opportunity for all professionals in the care of the elderly & disabled. Geront Handicap Expo will allow you to discover new and interesting things, exchange, and debate. Therefore, if you are in this branch and you want to see what are the latest news in this domain, then don’t hesitate and attend this event that will take place in Paris.


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